Sky Scraper

Sky Scraper

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Hit the ceiling!

The Sky Scraper is a "hook" shaped Maximum Time Aloft boomerang similar to a Quirl or Slingshot. The hook shape is mainly used for distance rangs but when used for MTA it can fly very far out as well as very high up. This makes it a superb choices in the the MTA event for medium to high wind situations. Made of 1.6mm American phenolic that is very tunable and more resistant to breaking than European 1.5mm phenolic. We have added very shallow leading edges for extra height, range, and spin rate during the descent. With the right throw the Sky Scraper can get 30 to 40 seconds without thermal assistance. The CG is very close to the leading wing making it very easy to catch. But the most important thing about the Sky Scraper is that throwing that far and high is just pure fun!


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